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Indeco Products, Inc. is a privately owned Texas corporation started in May 1981. Headquarters and manufacturing - warehouse operations are in San Marcos, Texas with sales and marketing mainly directed at U.S. markets.

The Company can be characterized as a quality manufacturer and an aggressive distributor of industrial packaging and specialized products in three market segments: Industrial/Commercial - Agriculture - Oil & Gas. We have developed several new products and introduced them into the market place. Some of these products are under patent and trademark security.

Indeco Products is a versatile and service oriented company serving these three market segments:

Indeco Products currently offers a full line of industrial packaging supplies designed to serve the small shipper as well as major corporations. Among these products are plastic and polyester cord strap, stretch film and netting, tapes, stretch wrap and strapping machines, bubble pack, protective foam, plastic bags, etc. We have in-house aerosolizing equipment for contract of environmentally safe products - any quantity.

To service the agricultural market, Indeco Products manufactures polyester and cotton cord strap, module covers, general purpose tarps and proprietary module marking ink. This segment's product line also includes support products such as sample bags, patch tape, lacing rods, and module cover rollers. Horticulture products include Grow-Web and plastic mulch, both of which promote water conservation and reduce chemical use.

The Oil and Gas segment's product line consists of woven net systems and plastic liners used to cover salt water pits and provide a barrier to prevent water and earth contamination and wildlife exposure to petro-chemical products.

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