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Poly Tubing

Make custom bags to meet your length, width and mil thickness needs.

  • Easy to use - slide tubing over product and seal both ends for a custom fit
  • Eliminates the need to stock an expensive variety of bags
Product # Size Description Quantity
  4" x 1500' x .004 Tubing  
  6" x 3000" x .002 Tubing  
  12" x 4000' x .015 Tubing  
24" x 600' x .006

Please call for sizes not listed: 1-888-246-3326

Flat Poly Tubing

Product # Size Description Quantity
  24" x .004 Flat Tubing  
  24" x .002 Flat Tubing  
  12" x .005 Flat Tubing  
  40" x .002 Flat Tubing  
  26" x .005 Flat Tubing  

Please call us for a quote!1-888-246-3326


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