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Tarp Repair

  • Complete module tarp and truck tarp repair
  • Heat sealers and sealing on site
  • Industrial size sewing jobs welcomed
  • Double seams and web belts installed

Custom Tarp Manufacturing

  • With our complete crew we can custom make tarps for your needs
  • Round Hay bale covers saves hay and protein
  • Equipment covers for you special needs
  • Planters, Balers, and Combines protected
  • Mowers, 4-wheelers, and Golf cart covers
  • Pallet covers made to your exact specifications


  • Products aerosolized with environmentally safe gases
  • Clean room and water bath available
  • Custom quantities specialized
  • Mixing or pre-mixes welcome

Machine Repair

  • Our team of professionals bring over 50 years of repairing and design to your product packaging machines