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Hand Tools

Tools and accessories for Strapping Materials

  • Windlass tensioners
  • All purpose triple crimp sealer
  • Tensioner and sealers
  • Hand, pneumatic, or electric
  • Buckles and seals
  • Stationary and portable dispensers
  • Designed for long life

Combination Tools

  • One lever only for tensioning and sealing
  • Lightweight, simple and easy to operate
  • High seal efficiency with any kind of non-metallic strapping


  • Lightweight but sturdy, usable with any type of non-metallic strapping
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • For use with sealers or with buckles
  • Heavy duty tensioners have extra sturdy design for use with buckles


  • All purpose triple crimp sealer
  • Designed for long life


  • Flat, squeeze type seal of high efficiency
  • Uses seals with teeth on inner surface
  • Available with short or long sealing levers
Product # Description Material Quantity
TH-HP Hand Tensioner    
THSWHD Tension Swiss    
MIP-300 Tensioner    
MIP-370 Tensioner    
MIP-380 Tensioner    
MIP-1300 Steel Strap Tensioner    
MIP-1100-58 Steel Strap Sealer    
MIP-1100-12 Steel Strap Sealer    
MIP-1100-34 Steel Strap Sealer    
MIP-120 Poly Strap Sealer    
MIP-100-12 Poly Strap Sealer    
MIP-100-58 Poly Strap Sealer    
MIP-420-58 Heavy Duty Sealer    
MIP-2100 Steel Shears    
MIP-2150 Steel Shears    
MIP-5200 H/D Dispenser-Steel    
MIP-5100 Strap Dispenser-Poly    
  Hand Film Dispensers    
MIP 1000 2" Tape Dispenser    
MIP 1000 3" Tape Dispenser    
SL-101 1" Tape Dispenser    
MIP 1000 4" Tape Dispenser    
SL-223 2" Tape Dispenser    
SL-605K Bag Sealer    
  Stretch Net Dispenser    

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